Porthleven Gin: Business feature

Here at The Cove, we’re passionate about feeding back into our community and working with local businesses, especially during these trying times. One of the many companies we support is Pengelly’s Cornish Spirits, namely, their Porthleven Gin,

Founded by Nigel Pengelly, and his wife Serena, Pengelly’s Cornish Spirits create and sell varieties of gin which are inspired by the stunning Cornish coastline. 

The Pengelly’s have always enjoyed a tipple or two and their love of spirits grew until the idea of a gin for Porthleven was born. Nigel collaborated with his old mate and school chum William Tyler-Street, who owns the award-winning Curio Distillery at Mullion, and after a number of tasting sessions; Porthleven Gin was finally ready for production.

Pengelly’s Porthleven Gin.

Distilled in the traditional way, Pengelly’s Gin is a citrus-infused spirit embellished with botanicals that include coriander, orris root, almonds and cardamom along with Mediterranean lemons, limes and oranges topped with angelica and juniper. 

It’s an all-rounder, perfect as a stand-alone spirit paired with a classic tonic or mixed to create cracking cocktails, something that will please even the most discerning gin enthusiasts. 

Above everything else, this gin was designed to be smooth, and although there are hints of citrus and coriander in the taste, this is a gin you can add your own flavours to.

Pengelly’s also does their best to steer away from single-use plastics, something that really resonates with us and we’re so proud to support a local company that shares our ethos. 

If you fancy sampling some Porthleven Gin, you can find it behind our bar and pair it with our recommended tonic, or enjoy it in one of our many extravagant cocktails. You can also purchase their spirits directly on their website. Have a browse through their other creations on their website.

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